Service Activity

 Dear Devotees,

 The Service Projects at our upcoming Unity Retreat in Colorado will follow the outline of previous efforts at the Unity Retreats in Arizona. All devotees are encouraged to participate in projects, as well as request service from the SEVA Team when needed. There will be service internally for the devotees, and two projects: 1) a working project for the; Cathedral Ridge Retreat Center; 2) a donations project for the Gathering Place, a nonprofit drop-in center in Denver for women, transgender individuals, and their children, many of whom are experiencing homelessness.

 The current SEVA Team consists of the following devotees: Surya Immadisetty, Sai Bhavaraju, Prashanth Tipparthi, Terri Dodd and Ernie Duff. Please call on us at anytime. We will be wearing kerchiefs. We may still add a few more members.

 Here is a list of projects for the Retreat Center, in their order of priority. Our project will occur on the Sunday morning of the Retreat, and you are encouraged to bring a set of work clothes and work gloves, please. A maintenance person from the Center will be there to facilitate.

Retreat Service Project- various maintenance efforts for Cathedral Ridge

Here are a few of our maintenance needs in order of priority.

1. Path and Stations of The Cross need maintenance- station markers stained, path clearly marked with arrows (we have them) rock or log lined path general cleanup of path

2.if weather holds- staining of 3 decks,10 picnic tables and other misc. signs, benches etc

3. gather rocks and line paths around camp  Driveways, walkways etc

4 window washing in sage hall, and Lupine, gooseberry and snowberry

 Community Service Project- Donations for the Gathering Place

 Please see the below for a list of items to donate. If you wish to learn more about The Gathering Place, The Gathering Place | A Refuge for Rebuilding Lives