Service Activity

SaiRam Dear Devotees,

 We have a current team of five people that are on the Service Committee for the upcoming Retreat. We are all men at this point, and we have sent out a request through the Communications Committee for some women Committee members, please. The Service Committee will focus on providing service in support of the devotees at the Retreat, in multiple ways.

We are also going to lead a service project in the community, and it will be an environmental project, that is also devotional. We have been in touch with the Willow Bend Environmental Center, which is just off the campus of Northern Arizona University, the site of our Retreat. They are looking forward to working with us  on Sunday, May 27th ( 3 pm to 5 pm ), as we help them to create a tranquil, welcoming garden at the entrance to the Center. We will be creating a short path, assembling two benches, and planting perennials in three very large pots. Instructions will follow as to how we will organize our service project, including skills needed, role for adults, youth, children, and any other logistics.

The contact at Willow Bend, Susan Lamb, wants us to know the following," This lovely little garden will be a gift to our whole community from your kind hearts and generous spirits. Thank you so much! Our committee will have two preparatory conference calls in the next three weeks. Sai Sisters, please let Ernie Duff, Service Coordinator for Region 9, know if you can serve on this Committee. He can be reached at 303-909-6313;

The Service Project will be sub-divided into the following opportunities. There will be an insert with the following opportunities for you to select from. Please see any member of the Service Committee with questions once at the Retreat.

Group 1


1) Prepare the compost

2) Plant the native perennials into four planters. 

3) Finally arrange planters in a space next to front door of the environmental education center

Group size - 8 volunteers

Logistics required:-

Aprons & Gloves (Remaining everything will be taken care by Susan)


Group 2


1) Water the plants already in the ground. 

Group size : 6 ~ 9  volunteers (Preferred to have children) 

Logistics required:-

They have three long hoses and the children could help each other wrangle the hoses and take turns watering.


Group 3


1) Removing the overgrown contents of a 6’ x 20’ area and filling it in with on-site compost. 
Group size : 4 ~ 8  volunteers (Preferred to have Young adults) 

Logistics required:-

Aprons & Gloves (Remaining everything will be taken care by Susan)


Group 4


1) Abundance of weeding and raking to do 

Group size : 10 ~ 15  volunteers 

Logistics everything will be provided. 


Group 5


1) Helping Laura Davis at Willow Bend park with restoring the medicinal plants 

Group size : 2 ~ 3  volunteers  

Logistics required:-

Aprons & Gloves (Remaining everything will be taken care by Susan) 



Jai Sai Ram!

Service Committee